Working Group on Open Expenditure Data

Working Group on Open Spending Data


  • Act as a central point of reference and support for people who are interested in open spending data.
  • Develop principles for making official and unofficial information about spending legally and technically open
  • Document background and status of initiatives to make official information open in different countries
  • Support efforts to make spending data discoverable and channels and methods for collaboration around it.
  • Work closely with the Working Group on Open Data in Economics to help contextualise spending and budget data for the purposes of analysis and research.

Possible activities (to be reviewed)

  • Contributing to / providing feedback on a Spending Data Manual - A wiki-like, community driven manual on acquiring, working with, publishing and archiving spending data, (building on and referencing other works e.g. World Bank’s work on budget classifications)
  • Keeping their eye-out for new and interesting initiatives springing up around spending and budget data and invite new members to join the discussion
  • Help to build up a registry of spending datasets by adding to the OpenSpending group on the DataHub
  • Writing blog updates on new developments e.g. new datasets becoming available, updates to laws in your country affecting spending data, new tools to work with, share and collaborate on data
  • Considering possibilities for a Spending Data Camp, most likely at or around OGDCamp 2012 with hands-on sessions on licensing, working with and publishing data, aimed at CSOs from around the world.
  • ERDF collection.