Supervizor, Slovenia

In Slovenia, the anti-corruption agency has published the financial transparency site Supervizor since 2011.


The Supervizor application:

  • contains over 50 mio. transactions from both government and local agencies to government contractors from 2003 to 2013
  • matches such transactions to company records, including director lists and corporate leadership
  • use the actual bank transactions from public bank accounts at the Slovenian National Bank as source data, making the records highly reliable

According to the developer behind the platform, the granularity of the data has enabled statisticians and anaylysts to make statistical models available, including a Hidden Markov model of the data.

Over the years, the platform has helped identify shifts in contractor purchases around changes in the political leadership.

Lack of impact?

Despite its comprehensive content and site visualisations, however, the site has not received any significant response from journalists or CSOs. While it is not reasonable to speculate based on the available interview, we find it worth considering how one of the most transparent spending platforms should suffer from limited use.