Annex - The Open Data Audit of EU Funds

As we have seen, detailed information on EU spending and beneficiaries managed directly by the Commission can be found on the EU FTS, but it only concerns 20% of the EU Budget. For the remaining 80%, there is no central place to go and one has to look at every external entity spending EU money.

In order to help in that task, we have set up the Open Data audit of EU funds. The aim of this census is to identify all existing datasets containing information on EU funds beneficiaries, and to assess whether or not data are available as open data.

Beneficiaries of the Common Agricultural Policy

Beneficiaries of the Common Fisheries Policy

Beneficiaries of the Cohesion Policy (European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund)

Beneficiaries of the European Social Fund

Financial Transparency System

Grant and contributions awarded in the field of humanitarian aid

Horizon 2020 (CORDIS)