Dataset loading API

Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

OpenSpending Loading API

Users can load datasets (or add sources to them) by making a POST request to (notice https) with the following url parameters:

  • csv_file - A url to the csv file to me imported for the dataset
  • metadata - A url to the json file with dataset metadata (name, currency, etc.) and the model. Views can also be defined in this file. Take a look at a sample json file to see how it should be structured (the value for mapping is the model - how the csv file should be cast into dataset dimensions, and the value for dataset is the metadata itself). To gain a better understanding of how to do the mapping, take a look at the corresponding csv file.

Along with these two an api key must be provided in the header of the request. For more details see API Conventions.

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