City Spending Data Party

On July 19th to 21st groups across the OpenSpending community are running local events worldwide part of the global City Spending Data Party to map the money worldwide.

From Kathmandu, where Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal is organizing a two day spending party, to Lagos where BudgIT are working on the city budget, to Japan where several events are taking place organized by the of Open Knowledge Foundation Japan OpenSpending community.

In all more than 20 city spending parties are taking place – full detail below!

How to use OpenSpending and contribute

Looking to code? we have a contributor guide with active Github issues.

How to join a spending party online

We have events from Japan to Brazil! Get in touch:

  • Come to the IRC channel: #openspending on freenode. You can join via the web in your browser »
  • Via twitter #openspending
  • Directly via email: info [at] openspending [dot] org
  • Google Hangouts: register for the Google Hangouts in this Doodle sheet or check if we are already on the Google Hangout [requires you to sign in with Google Plus account].

Full list of city spending parties

</tr> </tr> </tr> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div>

Group </td>

City of activity </td>

Twitter </td> </tr>

OKF Japan </td>

Tsukuba and several other locations </td>

@hal_sk </td> </tr>

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal </td>

Kathmandu, Nepal </td>

 @nprkshn and @okfn_np </td> </tr>

Development Research and Training (DRT) </td>

Uganda </td>

Individual </td>

Minsk, Belarus </td>

Individual </td>

Kota Tangerang, Indonesia </td>

Transparent Chennai, IFMR </td>

Chennai, India </td>

@IFMR_CDF </td> </tr>

OKF Ireland </td>

Dublin, Ireland </td>

Coders4Africa, Burkina Faso </td>

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso </td>

@titinto </td> </tr>

Hasadna, Israel </td>

San Fransisco (US) and Israel </td>

@Morchickit‎ </td> </tr>

Better Budget Toronto, Gabe Sawhney </td>

Toronto, Canada </td>

@gggg </td> </tr>

Marco Túlio Pires </td>

São Paulo ou Belo Horizonte, Brazil </td>

@mtrpires </td> </tr>

Natália de Almeida </td>

Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil </td>

@Natissima_ </td> </tr>

Leonardo Fontes </td>

Centro-Oeste, Brasília, Brazil </td>

@leonardofsales </td> </tr>

Hudson Augusto Lima </td>

Sorocaba, Brazil </td>

@hudsonaugusto </td> </tr>

Demoulidor Ciberdemocrático </td>

Brasília - DF, Brazil </td>

@demoulidor </td> </tr>

Flavio Henrique Alves </td>

SP, Franca, Brazil </td>

@fhalves99 </td> </tr>

Ebenezer Inocencio Andrade and Vitor Babtista </td>

João Pessoa, Brazil </td>

@vitorbaptista </td> </tr>

Everton Zanella Alvarenga </td>

São Paulo </td>

everton137 </td> </tr>

Floussna  Morocco