“Where Does My Money Go?” activities have become infectious in Japan

Written by
  • Hiroichi Kawashima
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“Where Does My Money Go? (WDMMG)” activities have become infectious in Japan, as sites are gaining ground across cities all over Japan. Accordingly, Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Japan Group has been receiving increasing number of inquiries on how to develop WDMMG sites from both forward-looking local government officials and interested individuals.

In a year, since the first release of the first WDMMG site for Yokohama in July 2012, the number of WDMMG participating cities has jumped to 19 cities by July 2013. Enthusiastic engineers are forming a community of practice led by Hal Seki, Georepublic Japan, to share know-hows and experiences on WDMMG development and helping new members to become able to develop new WDMMGs for their interested cities. National media outlets such as Nikkei, Asahi and NHK have covered the growing WDMMG activities as a new phenomena caused by Open Government Data movement in Japan. Building on this growing attention to WDMMG, the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Japan Group is planning to conduct Spending Data Party on July 20th and 21st to further assist interested city officials, engineers and civil society activists to create their target city’s WDMMG sites. This event will be held as a part of Global Spending Party organized along with the Openspending community. The event in Japan will highlight some advanced WDMMG-like activities in Japan, help recently joining players to develop their own sites, and discuss the latest issues on WDMMG development such as budget data standardization and transactional data collection. Please take a look at the WDMMG site for Japan and keep your eyes on new developments! 名称未設定