Next Data Clinic 19 June

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Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

Earlier this month we organised the first OpenSpending Data Clinic, to offer help on how you can work with your budget or spending data. At the first clinic we gave feedback on how to format the Canadian budget and how to convert PDFs from the budget of Barcelona.
The next Data Clinic will be on Wednesday 19 June at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EDT - your time zone via Google Hangout and IRC channel #openspending.
Bring your spending data and see if the community can help you out:

  • How to visualise budget data?
  • How to convert spending data locked in PDFs?
  • How to format the data the right way?