Day 3 OpenSpending CSO Workshop - Sarajevo

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This blogpost is the last in the series of the OpenSpending workshop - Sarajevo. Read the first post and the second post on the OpenSpending blog.

Day 3 - Getting your message out

As a CSO, once you have done all of this work, how can you make sure it is used? The focus of Day 3 was getting your message out there.

Policy Stream

The Policy Stream actually subdivided even further into Data Analysis and Public Relations for the day.

Data Analysis

Some of the participants were interested in more in-depth data analysis, so using the Moldovan BOOST data - we tried to generate some potential leads. Some interesting possible avenues for future exploration emerged including a surprising lack of money going to hospitals in the Moldovan capital - more investigation required to work out whether this is actually the case, or just gaps in the data, but an interesting lead nonetheless for the Moldovan group, who had already identified healthcare as an area they wanted to look into further.

Communicating with the Media and Outreach

A tricky and frustrating subject for Think Tanks and CSOs who work with this type of information is how to get their outputs used. Again, we took a combination of the wacky dream approach and tried and tested experience from the participants. How could we revolutionise the press-release so that people actually used it? Would giving them easy ways to drop your visualisations into their articles increase uptake? Inspired by the Obama for America Campaign, where targeted messages were used to great effect to target different parts of the audience, was there a good (and not too labour intensive) way to tailor your message to target the different types of media organisations? Loads of great ideas, which I tried to scribble down in our mindmap.

You can see the full-sized file on our Flickr Stream

Technical Stream

The technical stream got down to work with putting into action the skills they had learned on the previous day and how to build a custom tax calculator for their country. There’s a blog post with more instructions on this one cooking, we’ll be in touch when we have it ready!

Stay in touch

We’d love to stay in touch and for other organisations to join the discussion on how we can take these projects all to the next level and hopefully collaborate even more internationally.

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