Spending Data Handbook - Draft Version

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  • friedrich
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After four days of intense writing, discussions and editing, it is now almost midnight: our handbook sprint is over. What we have produced is an introduction to the use of data for budget- and spending-focussed advocacy. We’ve produced a high-level overview that covers a variety of topics, from the context in which data can be used, to the acquisition, processing and presentation of budget and spending data.

Of course, four days means we have only been able to lay the groundwork: we would still like to add more concrete tips and tricks, examples and in-depth tutorials on a few technologies and tools that relate to financial information.

So, here it goes the first draft:

Spending Data Handbook

Of course, this can merely be the start of a discussion. Please feel free to contribute directly in the editing environment, or via our mailing list.

We hope you enjoy the read!