Voting Systems for E-Participatory Budgeting - Upcoming Call

Written by
  • lucy
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What are the best systems for voting in tech-solutions to Participatory Budgeting? Join upcoming call to contribute to the discussion.

The Doodle Poll is out here - please fill it in if you would like to join to help us schedule the call.

If you would like to join, please also add your name and Skype ID to the pad here - then I will add you on Skype before the call. As usual, please feel free to add to and modify the agenda.

Suggested topics for the call

  • Best practice (for different stages of pb process) - current examples
  • Preventing:
  • Bias in decisions offered
  • Undue influence from special interest groups
  • Gaming the system
  • Herding effects
  • Promoting:
  • Voting after sufficient deliberation
  • Maximum participation
  • Maximum information
  • Come-back-next time
  • Personal profiles and authentication

I hope you will be able to join us. Please contact me via lucy.chambers [at] if you have any questions.