OpenSpending: first steps

Welcome to OpenSpending


Upload and visualize data

Upload any kind of financial data to OpenSpending and explore it with our built-in interactive visualizations. Users publish budgets, procurements, spending data and even public employee salaries. Use our widgets to embed your visualization on your own website. Upload a dataset

Explore the database

OpenSpending holds nearly 16 mio. transactions from more than 300 datasets across more than 70 countries. Browse the list of datasets and learn about public finances from around the world, or browse our map of cities on OpenSpending. Search transactions or look at the datasets

Create your own dataviz with our API

Create your own visualizations with the OpenSpending API using libraries like D3.js, jit and Raphael. You can even create a satellite site while still using OpenSpending as a backend. Look at the API

Join the community!

OpenSpending is open source software built and run by a community of volunteers. Join our mailing list and share what you are creating with OpenSpending! Join the spending community or Become a developer