#Community The financial transparency community we’ve covered is brought both in terms of skills, resources, topical expertise and imperatives. Yet we’ve found that several key circumstances can help support projects to take off.

Models for making tech and financial transparency community work

  • K-Monitor - capacity to do what’s needed
  • Texty: When traditional CSOs takes on to sustain the tech community - a mutual division of labor
  • When traditional organisations decide to lead on technocalogy

When community is not there because the civic or technological sector is weak

What happens when communities are there?

  • skills and tools circulate in the community - development becomes realistic and more affordable
  • knowledge on data is shared - eg. how to read data
  • transparency breakthroughs are utilised

Which networks besides the international spending community, do these org’s belong to?

Which are helping them advance in technology, FOI or the like?