Chapter 2 - intro

Chapter 2 - Publishing Fiscal Data: Government Perspectives

Uploading Data

When it comes to proactive transparency and publishing fiscal data, there are numerous considerations to be taken into account. In this section, we take a look at different approaches to government financial data portals from the perspective of the people behind them; solutions range from out of the box, ready to implement, customisable, open-source solutions to custom sites, built specifically for the part of government they serve.

We look at:

  1. Motivations for creating the service in the first instance
  2. Available fiscal data and features
  3. Successes and outcomes
  4. Challenges and areas for improvement
  5. Resources are needed to assemble and maintain such a site

Featured Case Studies:

  1. Data.Gov.Uk, United Kingdom
  2. DataBC, Canada
  3. DBrain, Republic of Korea
  4. Brazilian Transparency Portal, Brazil