This report was commissioned by the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency

The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) is a multi-stakeholder action network working to advance and institutionalize global norms and significant, continuous improvements on fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability in countries around the world.


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Special thanks to:

  • Martin Tisne
  • Randall Kemp
  • Libby Haight
  • Sanjeev Khagram
  • Friedrich Lindenberg
  • Vivek Ramkumar
  • Laura Newman
  • the many contributors who provided sections for the report.

We would also like to thank the Noun Project artists: Andrew Cameron, Denis Frezzato, John Caserta, Marwa Boukarim, Øystein W. Arbo, Pedro Lalli, Scott Lewis, SZ

This is the first edition of the Technology for Transparent and Accountable Public Finance Report

First Published May 2012

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