European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF)

MFF heading:2) Sustainable growth: natural resources
Funds:European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF)
Policy supported:Agriculture and Rural Development
2014-2020 MFF ceiling:
Managing Member States:28 EU Member States
Managing Directorate-General:DG AGRI (Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate-General)

The EAGF is solely funded by the EU budget and encompasses two types of measures: (a) Income support for farmers (direct payments), (b) Market-support measures. Shared management rules:the Member States work through national or regional paying agencies which must be accredited on the basis of a set of criteria laid down by the Commission. Expenditure made by the paying agencies is reimbursed by the Commission to the Member States on a monthly basis in the case of the EAGF. Only one grant is centrally managed by the European Commission when it comes to the CAP.