Personal tax API

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The tax share API estimates a household’s tax contribution based on simple proxy data. The estimate allows for both direct tax (including income tax, national insurance and council tax) and indirect tax (including VAT, alcohol and tobacco duty, and fuel duty).


The basic call accepts a variety of parameters, most of which are optional:

  • income (required) Total household income, including all pension and benefits. This is used to estimate total tax paid, including both direct and indirect taxation.

  • spending Total spending on consumption.

  • smoker yes/no

  • drinker yes/no

  • driver yes/no

This will generate a simple JSON response of the following form:

  "alcohol_tax": 153.04239230064161,
  "explanation": [
    "This household income falls between national average income decile 1 (which has average gross household income of 9219.00, and pays 1172.00 in direct tax, 1016.00 in VAT, 1101.00 in smoking taxes, 288.00 in alcohol-related taxes, 150.00 in car-related taxes, and 349.00 in other indirect taxes), and decile 2 (which has average gross household income of 13583.00, and pays 1368.00 in direct tax, 969.00 in VAT, 1085.00 in smoking taxes, 310.00 in alcohol-related taxes, 167.00 in car-related taxes, and 289.00 in other indirect taxes).",
    "Therefore, a household with an income of 10000.00 pays approximately 1207.08 in direct tax and 2888.97 in total indirect tax."
  "tax": 4096.0439963336394,
  "tobacco_tax": 291.93721356553618,
  "car_related_tax": 338.26214482126488,
  "total_direct_tax": 1207.076993583868,
  "vat": 1098.1365719523374,
  "total_indirect_tax": 2888.9670027497709

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