Get Involved

Glad to see you here!

This site is for enthusiastic doers, citizens and budget nerds from across the world. We care deeply about welcoming everyone regardless of skills and will do what we can to help you getting started!

Connect with the Community

There’s lots of general and technical discussion happening on our OpenSpending Forums (also in Portuguese!).

Come and introduce yourself and start engaging with people who share the same common interest!

We also have a Live Chat on Gitter : Gitter Chatroom. For the full list of ways to get in touch, visit our contact page.

Contribute to the Fiscal Data Package Standard

We’re hard at work on defining Fiscal Data Package, a simple, open technical specification for describing government budget and spending data.

We welcome input from the community regarding the specification. You can contribute to the development process by leaving suggestions and queries in the issue tracker.

Contribute to the Development of OpenSpending Next

OpenSpending Next is the next generation of the OpenSpending platform. Based on the Fiscal Data Package Specification, it comes with a range of tools enabling the data upload, search, analysis and visualisation.

Upload and Package Your Data

Contribute fiscal data sources to our registry tracker. The process is simple:

  • Open a new issue
  • Write a brief description of the data and how to interpret it
  • Provide a link to the data (hosted as flat files (e.g. CSV or XLSX) on GitHub would be best, if possible)

This will allow us to look at the data and see how well it fits with our current assumptions. We can then work together on steps to get the data imported into the flat file DataStore.