OpenSpending Community Hangout in April: Suggested Theme and Vote for the Date!

Written by
  • Meg Foulkes
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As some of you may know already, I’m delighted to now be working with the Open Spending community as community manager. I really look forward to meeting you all at our April Community Hangout!

Going forward, we thought it might be a good idea to plan each of our hangouts around a theme - since a general election is fast approaching in the UK, we're proposing we focus in April on UK Government Spending.
This might include financial forecasts, discussions around the UK government's deficit, spending pledges in the manifestos of the political parties and so on. Is the UK really the world's fastest growing 'major' economy?, as George Arnett has asked. And did the last Labour governments really hike taxes by £1,895 a year
As well as the themed discussion, there'll also be space for lightning talks and short updates from around the community - if you are interested in giving one on your project or work please just add to the draft agenda.
It'd be brilliant to have as many of our community there as possible, so please indicate your availability in this doodle poll. As usual, it'll be via Google Hangout (link to be sent nearer the day).