A specification for Budget Data: Introducing the Budget Data Package

Written by
  • Lucy Chambers
Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

As we descend into the buzz of the biggest week of the open calendar at OKFestival, the OpenSpending team wanted to quickly drop you a line about a piece of research we have been collaborating on together with the International Budget Partnership, Omidyar Network, and Google: a draft specification for budget data.

As members of this community will be only too aware, the benefits of structured, machine-readable, and internationally comparable budget data have now been discussed in numerous fora. A flexible but usable global data standard would need to be developed and widely adopted to make this happen.

Recognising the significant challenges posed by variations across national and sub-national budgets, Open Knowledge, with input and technical advice from the International Budget Partnership, Omidyar Network and Google, have begun a scoping exercise, producing an initial proposal for a draft specification (Budget Data package) which could form the basis of a global standard.

The draft specification (Budget Data Package) can be found here:

Input from the whole financial data community – publishers, investigators, citizens – is going to be necessary if this specification is going to meet users’ needs and become a true standard: an open consultation session begins.

We want your feedback! There are numerous ways to leave feedback on the specification:

  1. Via Github issues. This is also the best way to register your interest in being part of the coalition of users who will take ownership of the project’s ongoing development.
  2. Coming to OKFestival? Why not schedule a time to talk to us directly? The budget spec featured in the session “Government Budgets: Joining the Dots” - and we’re still available to discuss the future of the project.
  3. When the dust has settled from OKFestival, we will also schedule a community call to further discuss the specification. Interested in joining? Send us an email.

We look forward to speaking to you at the festival and beyond.