Join our News and Website team!

Written by
  • Anders Pedersen
Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

Every day, government spending makes headlines. At OpenSpending, we want to help the public put the numbers in perspective by showing how the news relates to spending data. We are looking for volunteers to join our News and Website team to help run our blog and website and connect spending news with data.

As a member of the News and Web team, you will be involved in things like:

  • Track down “spending stories” – help find and report on the connections between stories in the media and the world of public finances - government budgets, spending, contracts etc – such as Detroit’s bankruptcy. Specifically:
  • Collect and share news stories about spending and budgets.
  • Find the spending data behind the news stories and write about it on our blog.
  • Edit the Blog: oversee our blog with latest OpenSpending news including soliciting and editing contributions, writing roundups and news stories and more!
  • Oversee and manage our social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. Explore new social media outlets (e.g. Tumblr).
  • Resources for journalists. Write materials to help journalists and citizens dig into spending, understand tax (evasion), or create the next story about the EU budget


The most important requirement is enthusiasm! Any experience with, for example, writing stories, editing a blog, running social media is great – but not required!

We have a strong community who will support you and help you grow your skills.

We will provide a short induction on how to work with OpenSpending and you will also have your peers in the News and Website team to help you out.

What Does it Take?

  • Time commitment: ~20-30 minutes a week on average = ~2h a month (note time can be irregular - its fine if you do nothing for a few weeks). Also if you have more time that’s great - there’s plenty to do!
  • When to start: you can start immediately.
  • You can also learn more about which tasks you will be doing at the Trello board for the News Team


Apply by filling in the form below. We will respond to applications by August 23rd.