Kathmandu Metropolitan Spending Party

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  • Prakash Neupane
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Kathmandu, city of temple, capital of naturally enriched (Mountains, lakes, Hills, River) palace Nepal. Where people believe more than 4 millions (but record shows 2.5 millions) people reside in 50.67 square km area. All the governance body(ministries, departments, commissions), legislative body(Supreme Court, Armed Court), Security Force (Nepal Army, Nepal Policy, Armed Police Force) are centralized in Kathmandu. People have to come Kathmandu for going outside from Nepal, because only one international airport (Tribhuwan International Airport) is in Kathmandu. So it is obvious, the huge budget is spent for Kathmandu.

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, organized City Spending Data Party on July 19-21. The objective was to work on the budget of kathmandu metropolitan that was announced just 1 week back. The program was invitation only , so the announcement for participation was done in 12 july . And finally selected 12 participants on the base of first come(this was for first two days while last day was public).

As it was the first time event, every one worked hard, here is the summary:

First Day:

Everybody arrived on time, we discussed on what we are going to build, what could be the expected plan of three days. First task was group division, we have 4 groups

Data Wrangler: Kshitiz, Manish, Sanjeev Khadka, Nikesh Balami, Rajan Silwal

Code Hackers : Everest, Bidhya, Utshav, Rajendra

Designer: Rajesh and Ashish

Documentation and Social Media : Sajjan and Spandan

Data Wrangler team download the pdf file of 22nd Kathmandu Metropolitan City council budget for fiscal year 2070/71from the official website of Kathmandu Metropolitan.

Download some tools like tabular pdf to csv and tableau

Differentiate the data into two topics, Aaya(Income) and Byaya(Expenditure) of Kathmandu Metropolitan

Decided to work on Byaya (Expenditure), which include:

Pujigat Kharcha(Capital Expenditure)

Talab, Parisramik, Subidha Kharcha(Salary and Facilities Expenditure)

Karyalaya Sanchalan Kharcha (Office Running Expenditure)

Purwadhar Sudhar tatha anya bikash Kharcha (Infrastructure and Development Expenditure)


Second Day

Day 2 kicked off with data wranglers completing remaining works of day first (completed total conversion)

Code hackers and designers worked on the visual par

Visualizing the information from the budget of Kathmandu Metropolitan city in simple charts and spending visualizations.

Designs, banners and slides for next day


Third Day

Around 25 participants including Former Minister, Media, Students and others

We presented what we had made in last two days.

DashboardDiscussed issues and problems we had faced while working.



We have written this post explaining the output. The output from is at the top of the post or you can find it on OpenSpending.

Impact and Learning

The event was good learning for all, The first challenge was to extract the budget information from pdf, so it took almost whole day to properly extract the data from it.

Second major problem was the language, the font was preeti, which means it was not in nepali unicode, the interesting thing is, Nepal’s government has already address this through policy but due to the lack of proper management, it is not implemented in many place.

Third was, lacking of technical knowledge of platform, later we studied and made it finally.

After doing this event, Kathmandu Metropolitan appreciate our working and suggest us to give them feedback and also invite us there to resolve those issues.

After this event, different social organizations, media are willing to collaborate us for the event like this.


Future Plan

We are planning to continue this event in schedule(might be in every 3/3 months)

We are planning to start a class to learn more technical skill with as well as a regular class with experts.

We are going to work on whole government budget soon.