Supporting growth of the OS project and community - a proposal

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Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

Over the last few years OpenSpending has seen rapid growth in terms of technology, datasets, and community. As with many projects when they achieve a certain threshold of success and activity, the time has come to bring a bit more structure to the growth of the community and development of the project in order to empower more explicitly and more formally the growing array of stakeholders in the project.

OpenSpending has always a been a community project. This proposal seeks to reflect this more formally in the governance and organization. The main proposed action is to establish a steering group to oversee the project and represent the growing number of stakeholders. In addition, there is a plan to establish specific “teams” who are looking after particular areas, in particular, a “technical (code) team” and a “data team”.

We emphasize that the project will continue to have a home, legally and infrastructurally, at the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Foundation will continue to be strongly committed to the project.

This information along with further details is avalable in this public and commentable google doc - please add comments there or share your feedback on the OpenSpending mailing list.