Next Community Hangout 12 June

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Outdated Content Warning: This content refers to an older version of OpenSpending. See here for information about the next version of OpenSpending and ways to contribute.

We’ll be running another Community call via Google Hangout Wednesday this week.

When: 12 June, 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT / 13:00 EDT - your time zone
Where: On Google Hangout. Sign up in the form below.

- “How to crunch numbers from the European Investment Bank (EIB)?”. Introduction by Anne Roggenbuck from [Bankwatch]( about how they analyse loan data from the EIB.
- News from around the community: Who's got something to share - who needs help moving forward?
- Procurement data on OpenSpending: French and Senegalese procurement are among the most recent contributions to OpenSpending. Should this lead to any changes in the way [the upload module is set up](
- Planning the [Global Spending Weekend July 20-21](
  • Updating budget and spending data in the [Open Data Census]( Is your country up to date?