Balkan Budget Bubbles

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We’re pleased to announce that the Where Does My Money Go bubbles are on their way to the Balkans! Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy, the OpenSpending team will be working with the Centre for Public Interest Advocacy in Bosnia to produce interactive graphics of national and subnational budgets in Bosnia and lead training workshops with other Balkan countries (already on the guest list is CRTA - Serbia). We hope that this project will help organisations working in this area to form a united front to demand ever better data from governments, and to do ever more ambitious work with it.

CPI have already been very active in bringing the budget to the citizens of Sarajevo, particularly by having a strong working relationship with the media. They have also installed a live budget counter on the outside of their offices in one of the busiest streets of Sarajevo to bring information directly to those passing by.

Live updates on government spending brought to passers-by in Sarajevo.


CPI have already done a fantastic job of collecting the data, but there is still a lot of work to do to wrangle it into the necessary formats before it can be presented in the OpenSpending interactive graphics.

What will the project involve?

As part of this project we will be:

  • Building visualisations of national, entity-, cantonal- and district-level budgets for Bosnia
  • Doing training and capacity building workshops with organisations from other Balkan countries, on getting, wrangling and presenting financial data (with OpenSpending and other tools)
  • Building a tax calculator for Bosnia (similar to the Daily Bread), plus a session at the workshop on how to create one for other countries
  • Test-drive the Spending Data Handbook and augment it with a more technical primer, for those organisations wishing to do more ambitious data work
Damir Mehmedbasic speaks in Helsinki about CPI's work


As we progress with this project, we’ll be focussing in depth on Balkan countries to work out which organisations are working in this area and what their technical requirements are. Know someone we should be in touch with? Let us know!.