Budget Cycle Monitoring Hackday at OKFest

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  • lucy
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Often, the only way to check whether governments are releasing financial documents, is retroactively. But what if it were possible to receive alerts and check up against internationally recognised best-practice guidelines as to when the government in your country should be releasing key budget documents?

At present, the only way to find out when to expect a document to be released in a given country is to trawl the legislation of a country and find references to legally mandated release dates, but there may be another way…

At this year’s Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki, there will be a ‘Budget Cycle Monitoring Hackday’ - to build a prototype of a calendar to attempt to fix exactly this type of problem.

Who is it for?

We figure journalists and researchers need fiscal data as soon as it is released. NGO’s monitoring budget practices need to have a way to check when budget documents are released. We hope these groups and more would benefit from the calendar and notification services.

About the Hackday

Mission: To align a calendar of internationally-recognised best practice guidelines for publication of key budget documents with calendars of the fiscal year in different countries and build services which can relate to this. Possible features include:

  1. The ability to send out notifications to journalists, CSOs, budget monitoring orgs at the last acceptable date for the docs to be published to check whether they are available.
  2. Integrating with FOI request services to allow organisations to have a mechanism to request budget documents directly. For example, auto-generated FOI letters processed through services such as Alaveteli.

How to join

Simply sign up for a ticket for OKFestival, bring a computer and join us on the day.

Discussions will be ongoing about what features to include, via the mailing list - if you know someone who would benefit from this project, we’d love to hear from you!