Open Meeting: Software for Participatory Budgeting

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  • lucy
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There are already shining examples of direct forms of democracy and deliberation going on around the world but many of them are small scale, local and idiosyncratic solutions. Can technology help to take these discussions to the next level and offer templates for solutions that could be applied all over the world?

  • When: Today, 5pm GMT
  • How to join: Add your name and Skype ID to the etherpad

We’re also conducting a Software for Participatory Budgeting Census - if you know of examples which should be in there please add them to this spreadsheet!

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Suggested topics (please feel free to add to these in the etherpad):

  • Personal experience with using software for PB:
  • Any shining examples stand out?
  • Any frustrations
  • Case Studies
  • Geographical focus (idiosyncrasies we need to take into account)
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Measures of success
  • PB has many pieces, which software is best for which piece?
  • Setting up a common framework for impact evaluation
  • Scalability
  • Penetration
  • User retention
  • Epistemic value
  • Relevant topics for PB?
  • deliberation on entire budgets at once
  • local / national
  • demand and supply of services & infrastructure
  • problem-solving (a la fix my street - requests for more funds to be directed to solve a problem)
  • allocating resources for area regeneration
  • directing statutory funds to voluntary sector organisations
  • Structural funds - national co-funding
  • Exploring tradeoffs
  • Which stages of the PB cycle to focus on?
  • Probably no universal solutions - but what are the minimum common principles which can be identified and is there a tech solution for them?
  • Low-hanging fruit - what are the next steps in coming months to take this to the next level?

If you can’t make the call - please feel free to contribute to the discussion via the Participatory Budgeting Google Group.