Steering Group

The steering group oversees the project and represents its major stakeholders. This group takes responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the project, setting project policies, representing the project in relation to third parties etc.

The steering group’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Finances: overseeing and managing (where relevant) any project finances and resources.
  • Branding. Overseeing Twitter account, website, etc.
  • Recognition of satellite sites as part of the OpenSpending community and use of the OpenSpending name.
  • Partnerships and collaborations with other communities and projects.
  • Setting policy for data licensing and other matters, as necessary.
  • Advocacy guidelines, as appropriate.
  • Legal matters: for example, removal of datasets


The Steering Group meets approximately once a quarter via an online conference call.

The living minutes of the OpenSpending Steering Group are online.

Appointment of the Steering Group

Anyone who has contributed to the OpenSpending project (whether in code, data, or content) may put themselves forward for membership in the steering group. The existing steering group members will consider the application and decide whether or not to accept. In the future, once the concept of OpenSpending membership is better established, this decision may be made by a vote among OpenSpending members.

Membership in the steering group is for a term of two years. Multiple consecutive terms are permitted. If members resign during their two-year term, nominations for a replacement will be solicited from the community.


Anna Alberts, Open Knowledge Germany, Chair

Based in Berlin, Anna Alberts works as a Project Manager for the EU research project OpenBudgets.eu at Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.

Anna studied International Development and International Relations, and worked as a policy officer for the Strategy Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, focusing on geopolitics and (open) data.

Justin Arenstein, International Center for Journalists

Justin Arenstein

Justin Arenstein is a Knight International Journalism Fellow who is helping the African Media Initiative (AMI) to establish a digital innovation program that supports experimentation in newsrooms across Africa. AMI, the continent’s largest association of media owners and executives, is working with more than 600 of the most influential media companies in both northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Júlia Keserű, Sunlight Foundation

Júlia Keserű is the International Policy Manager at the Sunlight Foundation and oversees its international work. Coming from the Hungarian transparency community, Júlia has been an advocate for open government and an expert on open data issues with a special focus on political finance and corruption. She has spoken internationally on technology and transparency and regularly writes about the challenges and the potential of the global open government movement. Júlia holds a Masters degree from International Studies and studied political sciences, international law, sociology and philosophy at Corvinus University Budapest, Free University Berlin and the College for Social Theories in Budapest.

Elena Mondo, International Budget Partnership

Elena Mondo, IBP

Elena joined the International Budget Partnership (IBP) in 2007. She manages the Open Budget Survey, the only independent, comparative, and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world. Prior to joining the IBP, she worked as a consultant for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), coordinating research on budget practices and procedures in the OECD and Latin American countries. Mondo holds a BA in international economics and management from Bocconi University, and an MPA in public and economic policy from the London School of Economics.

Oluseun Onigbinde, BudgIT

Oluseun Onigbinde

Oluseun Onigbinde is the Co-Founder of BudgIT, a Nigerian public data visualisation startup. He is an Ashoka Fellow and Open Knowledge Ambassador for Nigeria.

Anders Pedersen, Natural Resource Governance Institute

Anders Pedersen is Open Data Program Officer at the Natural Resource Governance Institute. He holds an MA degree in Political Science from University of Copenhagen, and has worked in development and financial data journalism.

Federico Ramírez, Fundar

[bio coming here]

Adam Stiles, Open Budget Oakland

Adam is co-creator of openbudgetoakland.org and a member of the City of Oakland’s budget advisory committee. He’s also a news editor, builder, and outdoor preschool founder.

Mark Brough, Publish What You Fund

Cecile Le Guen, Open Knowledge

Cecile Le Guen is Project Manager at Open Knowledge, involved in different fiscal open data projects.