Adding a resource to the library

Our resource library is a curated collection open data reosurces from across the community. Everyone can add a resource to the library. This is how to do so.

1. Add a folder

Log in to github and head to the following link:

Every resource has a slug number. To add your resource, you need to give it a number. Look at the list and give you resource the number that follows the current last number in the list (e.g - if the number is 056, your resource should be named 057). Click on the + sign in the directory line and add the number and a “/”. For example: 060/.

2. Add an index file

Click on the + sign again. Add a file named to your new folder.

3. Add the resource

In the text editor, add the front matter fields in this pattern:

section: resources
lang: //Two first letters of the language, according to language code in this table.//
Author: //The name(s) of the person(s) who wrote the text//
Country: //One or more country by full name  separated with a comma:  “,”. If there is no specific country, write ‘global’//
Description: //1-5 lines that summarizes the text. //
Keywords: //Important descriptors of the text, separated with a comma, “,”.//
Link: //The link to the resource online//
MediaType: // List one out of these four types: Presentation, Article,  / Publication, Video//
Notes: //Any notes or comments.//'
Publishing_date: //The year the resource was published, e.g. 2015.//
Publishing_entity: //The organisation(s) which publish the resource//
Region: North America,Latin America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Mena,Global
Title: //The name of the resource//
Topic: //Choose one out of these nine : The Basics,Advocacy,Privacy,civic engagement,Right for information,Data training,PolicyStandards.

4. Make a pull request

Click on “Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.” This will allow us to review your changes.

Thank you! All done!