Welcome to OpenSpending, the community-driven project creating a free and open database of public financial transactions worldwide.

Database and Visualizations

The online, browsable version of the database can be found at OpenSpending.org


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Announcing A New Architectural Roadmap for OpenSpending -   At the 2015 Open Data Day a proposal for a new vision for the approach and architecture of OpenSpending was approved. It opens up an exciting opportunity for open budget initiatives around the world to work more closely together, whilst remaining independent. In a nutshell:   We want to centralize data but decentralize ‘presentation’ […]
OpenSpending Community Hangout in April: Suggested Theme and Vote for the Date! - As some of you may know already, I’m delighted to now be working with the Open Spending community as community manager. I really look forward to meeting you all at our April Community Hangout! Going forward, we¬†thought it might be a good idea to plan each of our hangouts around a theme – since a […]
Presenting public finance just got easier - This blog post is cross-posted from the CKAN blog. CKAN 2.3 is out! The world-famous data handling software suite which powers data.gov, data.gov.uk and numerous other open data portals across the world has been significantly upgraded. How can this version open up new opportunities for existing and coming deployments? Read on. One of the new […]
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