Welcome to OpenSpending, the community-driven project creating a free and open database of public financial transactions worldwide.

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The online, browsable version of the database can be found at OpenSpending.org


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Presenting public finance just got easier - This blog post is cross-posted from the CKAN blog. CKAN 2.3 is out! The world-famous data handling software suite which powers data.gov, data.gov.uk and numerous other open data portals across the world has been significantly upgraded. How can this version open up new opportunities for existing and coming deployments? Read on. One of the new […]
How to create a budget data package - This tutorial will show you how to create a budget data package from a (relatively clean) spreadsheet dataset by walking you through the process of converting the Armenian budget from the Open Budgets Portal. Getting started The Armenia BOOST government expenditure database contains planned, adjusted, and executed expenditures covering the years 2006 to 2012. It […]
Are forest revenues of Yokadouma, a council in the East region of Cameroon, invested in basic services? Image credit: Courtesy of Paolo Scoppola - www.paoloscoppola.com In Cameroon, budget transparency one council at a time - How a tool like OpenSpending can help to better channel public spending into basic services in Cameroon. Version française In Cameroon, forest exploitation yield lots of money. Wood is indeed the third largest source of exports of the country, following oil and cocoa. In return, every logging company must pay a tax whose a part goes […]
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